I was saved at the young age of six and raised in a Christian home. As a teenager I began to go the way of the world and to backslide into it's filth, which is all that it can offer. Thankfully, the Lord was watching over me with a careful eye and kept me from many of the sins that were around me among my worldly friends and acquaintances.


Around the age of sixteen God began to deal with my heart about serving him and spending time in the Bible. The Holy Spirit, through time in the word, began to soften my heart and pull me back close into fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As each of our lives contain enough material to write multiple volumes of books, this is a very brief testimony. I could spent hours, as could you, bragging about what the Lord did personally for me in those times. God only knows how good he as been to each of us.

Around the age of eighteen, I began to feel the call of God to attend Bible school. Pensacola Bible Institute, under Dr. Peter Ruckman and Brian Donovan, as far as I am concerned, is the best school in the world to learn the Bible at, and that is where I attended for three years and graduated from in 2010. Midway through my schooling I was married to Elisabeth, who also was saved at a young age, and began to pray about moving west after finishing school. In June of 2011, We moved to Wyoming and in June of 2012, with the Lord's help, We started the Bible Believers Baptist Church of Cody, Wyoming.

If you are new to the area, or not, and are looking for a church where the word of God is magnified, and the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified, stop in some time for a service. At Bible Believers, we are concerned with the truth. Our motto is simple, "Where the Bible is Enough!!"