Our church was planted in June of 2012. We believe in the power of the words of the King James Bible that can change men's lives! At our church you will enjoy Spirit-filled and edifying singing, uplifting love and fellowship around the Lord Jesus Christ, and Bible based and believing preaching applicable to any life situation. We are here to feed God's sheep, so that they may please the Saviour, win sinners to the Saviour, and look forward to seeing the Saviour, our Blessed Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ! God called the Merrill's to start a Bible-Believing work in Wyoming in 2010. After graduating from Bible School in Pensacola Florida, they moved here in 2011, and started BBBC in June of 2012. At this time, the Lord also opened up an oppurtunity to teach the Bible on the radio five days a week on a local FM station. This station was run by a man named "Doc" Horton. Doc has since gone home to be with the Lord, but what a major blessing this proved to be to our church early on. We first congregated in another church's auditorium that was not being used. After a few months we moved into our second location, a storefront on Rumsey. At both of these location and our current one too, we have seen the Lord work, and bless. This is because of the people that attend however, and not because of any building! We love God's people, and God's ministry and are excited about what God is accomplishing through our local church. What a blessing it is to love God, and serve him in unity with his people!